Work hard, play hard!

We’re all certified indoor skydivers!

At the end of every quarter, we take some time off from our projects and do something fun with the entire team. This time around it was Yves’ turn to organize, and we all went indoor skydiving in Roosendaal!

“Qmino Quarter Fridays” started in 2018. Everybody gets a chance to organize an event. The actual events themselves are usually kept a close secret for the other members. This makes it a pleasant surprise on the day of the event. So far the events have varied from chocolate making workshops to clay pigeon shooting!

Getting to Roosendaal

Roosendaal – Bierbeek is quite a distance. Having to pass both Brussels and Antwerp makes it quite risky to be on time, so we called it a day after lunch. While others followed Waze’s directions onto dirt roads (fearing damage to their car), others just followed their built-in GPS (and patiently waited in traffic).

After arriving, we enjoyed a drink and some artisanal “Bitterballen”

The “Wazers” arrived first, but we all got there on time in the end.


While getting into our overalls, a nervous atmosphere started to grow. None of us had ever done this before, so we were all jumping into the unknown. After a quick safety briefing, we queued up to do our jumps. We all had three guided jumps of one minute each.

It took some time to get used to it. The roaring fans were so loud that we had to use hand gestures to communicate with the instructor. Movements had to be subtle or we’d bang ourselves against the wall. The most important thing was to relax while the wind did its thing, but that was easier said than done.

After a while, most of us were able to “fly” on our own. The instructor felt we were getting comfortable and started doing some tricks with us. This came as quite the surprise!

After these three jumps, we also did some VR jumps. During these, we were held by the instructor, but also wearing VR headsets. It was a fun experience, but we all preferred the regular jumps.

After all that action, we headed for some much needed downtime.

A thrilling experience

This particular team event was quite a thrill! We all came out of it feeling like we had conquered something together. We all can’t wait until next time, who knows what we’ll do next?

(Leen does, she’s organizing the next one!)

Last but not least we’d like to thank Indoor Skydive Roosendaal for a great experience!

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